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Pāveh (in [[Kurdish language | File:Kurdish]] Pawe, in Persian: پاوه) is a city in Iranian province of Kermanshah (Kirmaşan). Paveh is located in the west of Iran and is 112 km far from Kermanshah and lies in a region along the Iran-Iraq border commonly referred to as Hewraman. The city is considered by inhabitants of the region as the capital of the Hewraman. The inhabitants of Paveh are Kurds that speak Auramani (also:Hewrami).

As a mountainous town, Paveh has cold winters and cool springs.The surrounding mountains are normally filled with fresh spring water from March to June.The town is also encircled with large fruit gardens which create a beautiful scenery during summers.

the name of the city is from the name of the ancient Iranian veteran "pav" who has lived in the end of the Sasanian kingdom(third Yazdgerd). One of the most beautiful mountains who can ever seen it is the Shaho that like a wall you can see it behind of the city. In the front of the city you can see Atashgah, another mountain that believed it was a place for praying and firing in the ancient ages. From these evidences and others estimates that background of the city returned to almost 1000 B.C.

Among the most significant places to visit is the Quri Qaleh cave which is considered as the longest watery cave in the Middle East. The cave is located around 25 Kilometers from the town.

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